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Massage Continuing Ed Classes 
Classes are held at our Pilot Mtn location: 223 East Main Street, Pilot Mtn, NC 27041
 (register online, call 336-705-1499, or email
* If you would like the option of paying a $50 deposit at the time of registration, make sure and pay remaining balance at least 14 days prior to class* CANCELLATION POLICY- Refunds will not be given less than 14 days prior to a class for any reason *

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June 10th-12th - 9:30AM to 6PM
21 CE hours - $330 early registration or $350 after May 21st

Table Thai: Work standing at your table without getting up on it, and do the same whole-body Thai treatment as on the floor. This is the complete Level one certification.

Robert’s Style of Thai is less forceful, more efficient, and deeply effective. He brings out the dance, energy work, and meditative qualities in Thai. See “Principles of Thai Bodywork” on his website,

Robert Wootton PhD, LMBT has practiced Thai over 25 years and taught workshops over 15. He lived in Thailand for 6 years, speaks the language, knows the culture and religion, and was one of the first Americans to study with Thai masters of Nuat Boran. NCBTMB Provider 288581-00, NC license 3731

Students should bring a table, bottom sheet, and pillow.
Also work is done clothed, so wear flexible clothes.

September 15th and 16th
9 AM to 6 PM on Friday and 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturday
12 CE hours - $250

The LifeLine Ignite is the first 3 steps of the amazing LifeLine Technique™. This is an innovative and integrated whole health system. This workshop is based upon the Dr. Darren Weissman’s books, The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude, Awakening to The Secret Code of Your Mind, and the Heart of the Matter. The LifeLine Ignite Workshop will teach you: • The art of MRT (muscle reflex testing) • Self healing by upgrading your energy field • Using the universal healing frequency of love to harmonize yourself and others • The Manifestation System, how to manifest an intention, creating a portal to access the subconscious mind • Learn the true meaning of symptoms and stress, and how to transform them into infinite possibilities • Fully process emotion using See, Feel, Hear • Easy adjunct to your massage practice

Part 1-3
May 19th and 20th

Friday the 19th

Part 1
Improving digestion with Ayurveda
 4 CE Hours - $65 

In this 4 hour class we will create a new relationship with eating that enlightens us to the importance of hunger, digestion, and elimination. By focusing on WHEN and HOW to eat, we can create new habits that support losing weight, having more energy, getting better sleep and enjoying mealtime.

Part 2
Creating a daily practice for stress reduction: conscious Breathing, meditation and Sun Salutations
 4 CE Hours - $65

"The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself." -Deepak Chopra
This Chopra quote embodies the premise of this fun, purposeful course. Each participant will come away with a personal practice to bring about more joy, ease, strength, balance and peace.

Sat the 20th

Part 3
Balancing Female Hormones with Ayurveda
3 CE Hours - $45

In this 3 hour course we'll explore Estrogen dominance and the factors that contribute to this epidemic. You'll be bolstered with simple Ayurvedic tools to bring balance to those potent hormones that course through us. Teenagers to Post Menopausal adults and every woman in between will benefit from this course.

​LifeLine Ignite! with Sharon Faw
Bliss Through Balance with Sally Raspberry
Thai Table Massage with Robert Wootton

August 11th
6 CE Hours - $95 (additional free 6 hour ethics take home course included)
Experience the value of Stillness. Build inner and outer strength, flexibility and grace as we explore yoga poses, journaling and meditation. All levels of experience will benefit from this gentle yet profound healing course.

August 12th
6 CE Hours - $95 (additional free 6 hour ethics take home course included)
Practice acceptance, presence, contentment and gratitude as we explore different styles of meditation to suit every unique person. All levels of experience welcome.
Yin Yoga for Bodyworkers with Sally Raspberry
Meditation for Bodyworkers with Sally Raspberry

October 6th-8th  (3 ethics hours included)
9a-6p each day with ethics from 6-9p on Friday
24 CE Hours - $450 or $400 early bird (before July 7th) 

In this course you will learn about The Lymphatic System and its relationship to detoxification and chronic health conditions. During this three day training, you will learn Full Body Manual Lymph Drainage to incorporate with ease into your practice. We will discuss the roots of how people develop chronic conditions including on toxicity in the lymphatic system.

Ethics with Heart
In this short course, you will explore the nature of spirit within the art and craft of your massage therapy practice. You will learn ways to communicate with heart and meaning, effectiveness and inspiration as you motivate and engage your clients. As massage therapists, it is a skill to listen with empathy, compassion and clarity and in this course I will teach you how to connect effectively with your clients. This course is experiential and you will learn skills of embodied presence through somatic exercises and new observation skills. This course in Ethics is brings a balanced approach to your practice.
Lymph Massage, Protocol for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies with Juul Bruin

October 14th and 15th
16 CE Hours - $299

Upper Back Relief: Healing lifestyle related ailments and stress of the upper back

Integrative Myofascial Release and Breath Work for Mobility and Stability of the Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, and Shoulders

Have you and your clients experienced back pain, a stiff neck, or sore shoulders? As Americans we spend much of our time sitting at a computer, driving a car, and communicating on electronic devices. This class focuses on the cervical spine, shoulders, thoracic spine, and costal cage so challenged with this lifestyle. Build a firm foundation of anatomy and kinesiology of the upper back, apply skills to decrease pain, improve functional mobility, and prevent injury. Help your clients meet the challenges of today's lifestyle in maintaining a healthy back and commit to excellence in care. 
Integrative Myofascial Release: Upper Back Relief with Jessica Hartmann

​September 9th 
8 CE Hours - $125

In this 8 hour course we will learn the basics of aromatherapy, discuss the history and learn about the different methods of extraction of essential oils. We will also cover some of the most commonly used essential oils, including their benefits, safety and handling. Learn some basic blending techniques and enjoy creating an aromatherapy blend to take home for yourself or a loved one! Aromatherapy can be an excellent enhancement to your massage therapy practice!
Discover Aromatherapy with Erin Needham

October 20th 
6 CE Hours - $95 (additional free 6 hour ethics take home course included)
In this 6 hour course we will release ourselves from chronic tension and allow our bodies to do what they do best: Heal. 
Using props to support alignment and natural curvature of the body, we will consciously surrender, relax and soften our physical and energetic bodies. This class is for EVERY body, regardless of size, age, experience. Take a break from vigilance: Come spend a day in LaLa land and see how restorative it is for your entire being. 

October 21st
6 CE Hours - $95 (additional free 6 hour ethics take home course included)
In this advanced Meditation course we will move beyond mindfulness, body-based meditation practices and enter more fully into subtle, heart based mantra techniques. Using visualizations, anatomy of the back body, and practices to strengthen and deepen gratitude and acceptance, we will cultivate Bliss of Being. Love is all you need.
Restorative Yoga for Bodyworkers with Sally Raspberry
Advanced Meditation for Bodyworkers with Sally Raspberry